Breathable Beginning

Turkey’s Hassan Group has become the first manufacturer of breathable films in Turkey with the establishment of a new company called Pelsan

Pelsan is now manufacturing both breathable and non-breathable films under the Breatech brand, primarily for hygiene customers, at a new 5,000-square-metre facility in Istanbul
Pelsan is using latest technology for its PE film production and both breathable and non-breathable PE films can be produced with or without surface embossing and corona treatment.
Breathable films laminated with nonwovens diapers are urineproof and allow the permeation of air.
These features help diapers keep skin clean and dry.
3D Shape
Non-Breathable films laminated with nonwovens to CE-EN13795 quality certification are intended for medical use, and have 3D shape which prevent reverse blood flow and accelerates the absorbing process.
Pelsan can produce PE films in different weights ranging from 12 to 80gsm, with any colours desiredand width options up to 2.3 metres.
In addition to the lamination alternatives on Breatech PE film, Pelsan can offer the option of printing one or two colours. Inline printing makes it possible to print with water-based ink so that wetness can be detected.
Breatech Duo and Breatech Trio products are produces through the lamination of two or three different layers, mainly for medical and technical applications, by using Breatech (breathable or non-breathable) polyethylene film and different nonwovens webs.
The layers are laminated either by hot-melt lamination technology which works in range of 1-80gsm, or heating.
The hot-melt lamination technology of Pelsan also allows partial lamination, cutting production costs by avoiding the unnecessary use of extra polyethylene film.
Pelsan is able to create tailor-made products by using differentnonwovens on each side of the polyethylene film, depending on customer specifications.
The company creates multi-layer products for drapes , gloves, operation kit packaging, bibs, gown reinforcements, coveralls, roofing materials, barrier materials etc.